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Welcome! This website catalogs many of my artmaking projects and collaborations.

This year I am doing a lot of work in collaboration with the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) on the Remote Sensing project for the Getty's PST ART: Art & Science Collide event. So stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, please check out the things I've done and give a shout if you'd like to get in touch!

Art & Design

Conjuring speculative collectivities in maps, augmented reality, 1:24 scale models, pirate radio, chalkboards, and show flyers.

radio mapping diorama 3D printing

An interventionist arcade game disguised as an ATM Machine and installed surreptitiously in public spaces. Help Bucky and Toothy dodge economic precarity!

intervention video electronics

I led groups into the woods and we created confounding and mysterious sound installations! Commisioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival. Thank you, ANDfest!

zine sound intervention installation

I performed through Elana Mann's Listening as (a) Movement public acoustic sculpture commissioned by Side Street Projects. Thank you, Elana!

sound electronics intervention zine

Flora twitch in polyrhythms to create an idiosyncratic morse code. A collab with Deborah Stratman and commissioned by ESS. Thank you, Deb and ESS!

sound electronics collaboration

Jen Hofer and I created a monument to escape created and installed without permission in Colorado's Prison Valley region. We sweated our butts off in 100°+ heat making this. Thank you, Jen!

installation intervention collaboration

Reanimated biorhythmic and optical abberations as infrastructure for the Reanimation Library's Highland Park Branch. Thank you, Andrew and Aurora!

design installation collaboration

A solar-powered performance with sonic boom accompaniment and beehive smelter reverb chambers for Radius experimental radio. Thank you, Jeff!

electronics sound energy radio

Enthusiastic encouragement is an evocation of support often instigated by burning frustration. When performed attentively, it can be highly rewarding for both the speaker and recipient.

video weird feelings

Anticipation is its own special type of euphoria —pre-excitement for the actual excitement. Anticipation can be the best part of road trips, blind dates, holidays and birthdays.

video weird feelings

A GPS and compass-based "disorienteering" guidebook. Commisioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival. Thank you, ANDfest!

intervention zine mapping

Touch-activated dioramic "computer" possibly predicting your luck in love.

electronics diorama

Opposable Thumbs Podcast Projects

I co-hosted 100 episodes of the Opposable Thumbs podcast with the mighty Taylor Hokanson. Taylor, myself, and often a guest tackled a new creative challenge every two weeks and then we talked about how it went. The guest then proposed the next episode's challenge. It was totally awesome, a real crucible of learning, and also completely exhausting. You can check out the episodes over at

Turn a record needle into an extremely sensitive recording device. I was able to capture the footsteps of a fly!

electronics sound

Five seconds of hiccuping fuzzy warbling bliss with cassette tape loops!

electronics sound

Make an eye-catching protest sign with holiday lights, cardboard, and a hot glue gun. Also, ABOLISH ICE.

design intervention electronics

I interviewed a 2 year-old to determine their top needs for an a 4x4 truck toy. Cat wheels and lips for kissing! Thank you for the feedback, Z!

design 3D printing collaboration

I made a creative person's "bug out bag" for on-the-go ideation and making. Also, I was adopted by a puppy!

electronics intervention installation

Graffiti technology for creating 3D "pixel" art on any ferrous metal surface.

design intervention

A re-imagining of the U.S. National Park through map making. Let's go canoeing on the Francisco Ramirez River! Let's take a ride on the Deep Listening Trolley!

mapping design intervention

Art Fabrication & Electronics

I do quite a bit of electronics work and fabication for other artists and designers. I really enjoy the weird and hard challenges artists and designers face. I also do frequent electronics repairs on artworks for galleries and collectors. My fanciest clients prefer this work is done with descretion, understandably, so I don't post those projects publicly. Please reach out if you are in need of a creative technologist or repairperson. I'm happy to chat and send you some references!

An enclosed motorized counterweight keeps an artist's whale guts in motion.

electronics collaboration

Wind-powered electronics for Deborah Stratman's POWER/EXCHANGE transmitting and recieving station at the CLUI Orientation Building in Wendover, Utah. A brief aside, Deborah's works are completely awesome. Check em out!

electronics radio sound collaboration energy

A solar-powered wireless livestream commisioned by Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall for Andrea Zittel's Lay of My Land exhibition. Thanks, Magasin 3!

electronics radio collaboration energy

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