Rob Ray feral art and technology

Electronics Projects

An interventionist arcade game (disguised as an ATM Machine) installed surreptitiously in public spaces. Help free Bucky and Toothy from economic worry!

intervention video electronics

Performance through Elana Mann's Listening as (a) Movement public acoustic sculpture commissioned by Side Street Projects.

sound electronics intervention zine

Flora twitch in polyrhythms to create an idiosyncratic morse code. A collab with Deborah Stratman and commissioned by ESS.

sound electronics collaboration

A solar-powered performance with sonic boom accompaniment and beehive smelter reverb chambers for Radius experimental radio.

electronics sound energy radio

Touch-activated dioramic "computer" possibly predicting your luck in love.

electronics diorama

Turn a record needle into an extremely sensitive recording device. I was able to capture the footsteps of a fly!

electronics sound

Five seconds of hiccuping fuzzy warbling bliss with cassette tape loops!

electronics sound

Make an eye-catching protest sign with holiday lights, cardboard, and a hot glue gun. Also, ABOLISH ICE.

design intervention electronics

I made a creative person's "bug out bag" for on-the-go ideation and making. Also, I was adopted by a puppy!

electronics intervention installation

An enclosed motorized counterweight keeps an artist's whale guts in motion.

electronics collaboration

Wind-powered electronics design and implementation for Deborah Stratman's transmitting and recieving station at the CLUI Orientation Building in Wendover, Utah.

electronics radio sound collaboration energy

A solar-powered wireless livestream commisioned by Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall for Andrea Zittel's Lay of My Land exhibition.

electronics radio collaboration energy