Rob Ray feral art and technology


Flora twitch in polyrhythms to create an idiosyncratic morse code. A collab with Deborah Stratman and commissioned by ESS.

sound electronics collaboration

A monument to escape created and installed without permission in Colorado's Prison Valley region. Collaboration with Jen Hofer.

installation intervention collaboration

Reanimated biorhythmic and optical abberations as infrastructure for the Reanimation Library's Highland Park Branch.

design installation collaboration

I interviewed a 2 year-old to determine their top needs for an a 4x4 truck toy. Cat wheels and lips for kissing!

design 3D printing collaboration

An enclosed motorized counterweight keeps an artist's whale guts in motion.

electronics collaboration

Wind-powered electronics design and implementation for Deborah Stratman's transmitting and recieving station at the CLUI Orientation Building in Wendover, Utah.

electronics radio sound collaboration energy

A solar-powered wireless livestream commisioned by Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall for Andrea Zittel's Lay of My Land exhibition.

electronics radio collaboration energy