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Yosemite's Liberation Valley

Yosemite's Liberation Valley reimagines the U.S. National Park through mapmaking. Let's go climb Emma Goldman Peak! Let's go hike the Hannah Arendt trail! Let's go canoe the Francisco Ramirez River! Let's take selfies at Gay Marriage Falls! Let's take a ride on the Deep Listening Trolley! Let's take blimp rides at AirPup station!

The National Park Service provides Photoshop and Illustrator versions of many of their iconic maps. Also, check out the Harper's Ferry Center for Media Services for insipration.

I tried this experiment for the Opposable Thumbs episode 59 podcast, a creative challenge show I co-hosted with Taylor Hokanson. On each episode we invite a guest to take a 2 week creative challenge with us and we talk about our creative journey from ideation to completion. The theme for this episode was "Liberation."


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