Rob Ray feral art and technology


Flora twitch in polyrhythms to create an idiosyncratic morse code. This is a collaboration with Deborah Stratman and commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio and exhibited November 3, 2015 - February 29, 2016 as site specific intervention at the Fern Room of the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago.

The conservatory becomes a horto-fictional set, animated by selectively vibrating ferns. Plants turn into communicants whispering rumors about an unforeseen. Solenoids (electromagnetic switches) programmed at rhythmic intervals control the twitch patterns and add a faint tapping clatter, like an idiosyncratic Morse code. If sound is touch at a distance, "Susurrati" is a composition of trembles.

Commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio for the Florasonic sound installation series, a partnership with the Chicago Park District curated by Lou Mallozzi.


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