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Holiday Lights Protest Sign (ABOLISH ICE)

Make an eye-catching protest sign with holiday lights, cardboard, and a hot glue gun. Also, ABOLISH ICE.

I tried this experiment for the Opposable Thumbs episode 36 podcast episode titled "Resistance." Opposable Thumbs was a creative challenge show I co-hosted with Taylor Hokanson. On each episode we invite a guest to take a 2 week creative challenge with us and we talk about our creative journey from ideation to completion.

The toughest part of this build is getting the correct spacing of LEDs so that the letters are very legible in the dark. You really want each angle of the letter to have an LED and you want the spacing of the LED's around each letter to be even. With Adobe Illustrator or some other vector-based drawing tool you can outline each letter and then use the "dashed line" feature to make equidistant dashes around the letter. Then you make the dashes really short and curve the edges so that the dashed lines become little dots. These dots then become your drill guide! Woo hoo!


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