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Bucky's Animal Spirit

Bucky's Animal Spirit is an arcade game disguised as an ATM I surreptitiously install in downtown/public areas. People insert their card expecting to withdraw money. Instead they play a game helping Bucky and Toothy Beaver get to the public library.

Yes, some folks are puzzled and cautiously slide over to the other nearby ATM, but most people stick around and help Bucky and Toothy dodge subscription fees and reconnect with their "animal spirits."

Appropriately, Bucky's Animal Spirit was stolen... a fate befitting all ATMs.

If you'd like to see how I constructed the ATM cabinet, you can out the "Building Bucky" photoset.

Installed surreptitiously in:

The ATM-style keypad interface is used to help get Bucky the Beaver to the public library. Bucky can run, jump and shoot their slingshot at the menacing satelites trying to overwhelm him with monthly subscription services.

Picking the right location really helps. Many legit ATMs look janky, so I only needed to make mine as janky as the real thing.

People don't like standing in line. They will pick "that weird looking ATM" if it means not waiting. I also didn't want people to get totally pissed off. Players can still easily go to the other machine, get their cash and be on their way.

Arcade games disguised as ATMs attract crowds. Word spread and people started coming over just to play it. Suprisingly, I never saw anyone get upset. The building management was notified but they loved it and gave me permission to keep it there as long as I wanted. They encouraged me to lock it up so it wouldn't get stolen.

Here's a playthrough video! Watch Bucky dodging "Just 49 dollars per month!" and fighting his way to the public library.


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