Rob Ray feral art and technology

Intervention Projects

An interventionist arcade game (disguised as an ATM Machine) installed surreptitiously in public spaces. Help free Bucky and Toothy from economic worry!

intervention game video electronics

I led groups into the woods to create confounding and mysterious sound installations. Commisioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival.

zine sound intervention installation

Performance through Elana Mann's Listening as (a) Movement public acoustic sculpture commissioned by Side Street Projects.

sound electronics intervention zine

A monument to escape created and installed without permission in Colorado's Prison Valley region. Collaboration with Jen Hofer.

installation intervention collaboration

A GPS and compass-based "disorienteering" guidebook. Commisioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival.

intervention zine mapping

Make an eye-catching protest sign with holiday lights, cardboard, and a hot glue gun. Also, ABOLISH ICE.

design intervention electronics

I made a creative person's "bug out bag" for on-the-go ideation and making. Also, I was adopted by a puppy!

electronics intervention installation

Graffiti technology for creating 3D "pixel" art on any ferrous metal surface.

design intervention

A re-imagining of the U.S. National Park through map making. Let's go canoeing on the Francisco Ramirez River! Let's take a ride on the Deep Listening Trolley!

mapping design intervention