Installation Overview at RAFFMA

Conjuring speculative collectivities in maps, augmented reality, 1:24 scale models, pirate radio, chalkboards and show flyers.

Bucky's Animal Spirit

An interventionist arcade game (disguised as an ATM Machine) installed surreptitiously in public spaces. Help free Bucky and Toothy from economic worry!

Strange Sounds in Strange Place #1. Sounds of a busy Manchester, UK motorway placed in a drainpipe.

I led groups into the woods to create confounding and mysterious sound installations. Commisioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival.

Performance through Elana Mann's Listening as (a) Movement public acoustic sculpture commissioned by Side Street Projects. 

Solenoids twitch in polyrhythms to create an idiosyncratic morse code. A collab with Deborah Stratman and commissioned by ESS.

Our "Gray Mare" monument to escape installed without permission in a Cañon City, Colorado public park.

A monument to escape created and installed without permission in Colorado's Prison Valley region. Collaboration with Jen Hofer.

Three lemon and solar-powered sound sculptures exploring speculative futures of an empty lot in Little Haiti, Miami. Commissioned by Lotworks.

Routing detail.

Reanimated biorhythmic and optical abberations as infrastructure for the Reanimation Library's Highland Park Branch.

Input/Output Device workstation table with Of Infinite Amounts of Random bench

Reanimated diagram of computer terminal as infrastructure for the Reanimation Library's Highland Park Branch.

These Death Valley cacti inspired the sounds.

A solar-powered performance with sonic boom accompaniment and beehive smelter reverb chambers for Radius experimental radio.

You Can Do It! Good Job!

Enthusiastic encouragement is an evocation of support often instigated by burning frustration. When performed attentively, it can be highly rewarding for both the speaker and recipient.


Anticipation is its own special type of euphoria —pre-excitement for the actual excitement. Anticipation can be the best part of road trips, blind dates, holidays and birthdays.

Get Lost! starting point at Conflux Festival

A GPS and compass-based disorienteering guidebook. Commisioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival.

Place your hand on the computer

Hand-activated dioramic "computer" possibly predicting your luck in love.