You Can Do It! Good Job!

Enthusiastic encouragement is an evocation of support often instigated by burning frustration. When performed attentively, it can be highly rewarding for both the speaker and the recipient.

You Can Do It! Good Job! is the second video in my Weird Feelings series. The series examines emotional and mental states often under-represented in traditional narrative films. I create the videos by digitizing and cutting up instructional and infotainment VHS tapes I find in thrift stores.

This video was available in a limited run of 20 hand stamped looping DVD-Rs at the MDW art fair in Chicago, IL courtesy of What It Is gallery. If you'd like your own in-home personal reenactment of You Can Do It! Good Job! please contact Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes at What It Is.

Media: DVD-R
Date: 2011

MDW 2011 – Chicago, IL (courtesy of What It Is.)