Cortex Activities for Codex Activities

Cortex Activities for Codex Activities was created to shelve the Reanimation Library's Highland Park Branch book collection at Monte Vista Projects

A group of artists and writers were asked to create works for the Reanimation Library's temporary Highland Park Branch in Los Angeles I constructed bookshelves, a table, and benches inspired by books in the collection.

The Reanimation Library is a small, independent presence library open to the public in Brooklyn, NY. The library collects books for their compelling visual content and have, for some reason or another, fallen out of mainstream circulation. The books are always culled from thrift stores, stoop sales, and throw-away piles. The Library encourages the public to browse the collection, scan pages, and reanimate the images in their own creative works.

Books Used: 

Biorhythms and Your Behavior
Optics: The Technique of Definition

I also created a table for the library's computer and scanner, titled Input/Output Device, and a pair of benches titled Of Infinite Amounts of Random and Processes at Given Times.

All objects are on permanent loan to the Reanimation Library.

Routing detail.
In use.
With books.
In situ.
Routing detail.
Left of optical spectrum - INFRARED.
Right of optical spectrum - ULTRA VIOLET.
Figure from "Biorhythms and Your Behavior" used for backs of each shelf
Figure from "Biorhythms and Your Behavior" used for backs of each shelf
Figure from "Optics: The Technique of Definition" used on sides of bookcases
In use.