The Sound of Dying L3m0n5

The Sound of Dying L3m0n5 consists of three solar and lemon-powered sound stations situated around the perimeter of the LOT. These "home speaker systems" explore speculative futures of an empty lot in Little Haiti, Miami as the lemon “batteries” slowly decay toward silence. This work was commissioned by Lotworks

Neighborhood names are often sites of language conflict. The names become, for better or worse, a shorthand to describe the ethnicity, class identity, and economic status of residents of a neighborhood. South-Central Los Angeles, for instance, was renamed South Los Angeles when the L.A. city council voted unanimously to rename the area in 2003 after “South-Central” became a popular national shorthand in the 1990’s to describe any U.S. neighborhood plagued by police brutality, gang activity and narcotics arrests. Miami’s Lemon City and Little Haiti neighborhood names describe nearly the same geographic region of Miami but also describe the conflicting geographic and cultural psychologies in the neighborhood and across Miami.

We can coexist side-by-side if we need to. I don’t have a problem with recognizing the Lemon City neighborhood which today is known as Little Haiti,” said Metellus. “But don’t tell me that we should not call this area Little Haiti.

— Haitian rights activist Gepsi Metellus

Where’s Little Haiti? It’s a big question. Miami Herald, Oct. 23, 2013

Doom House plays my doom-noise remix of Les Loups Noirs Pile Ou Face

Party House randomly plays short clips from my favorite party jams.

Infinitely Flipping House plays sound clips of computer-generated speech created using texts from real estate signage and paper brochures in the neighborhood.

"You could buy a house here, flip it, and buy another."
"Are you interested in selling? We have flipped many homes in this neighborhood." 
"I will pay cash for your house."
"Crime is no longer a problem in this neighborhood."
"Everyone loves bacon."
"Buy the home of your dreams."
"Are you thinking of selling your house? I will pay cash." 
"We are flipping many homes in this neighborhood." 
"I'm excited about the new charter schools here." 
"I heard a lot of new start up companies are moving into this area." 
"Whole Foods is opening here next year."