Art Fabrication and Electronics

An enclosed motorized counterweight keeps an artist's whale guts in motion.

Listening/Transmitting Kiosk

Wind-powered electronics design and implementation for Deborah Stratman's listening and transmitting station at the CLUI Orientation Building in Wendover, Utah.


A solar-powered wireless livestream commisioned by Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall for Andrea Zittel's Lay of My Land exhibition.

Art Fabrication and Electronics

I create of all sorts of electronic, interactive and beautiful things for artists, galleries, museums, research organizations, universities and marketing agencies across the globe. I try to use upcycled/recycled materials whenever possible.

I've built things for:
Andrea Zittel
Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
Center for Land Use Interpretation
Deborah Stratman
Emily Lacy
Lucy Raven
Shana Lutker